I hold space for you, so you can hold space for your clients.

My belief is that therapists become better at their craft when given space to explore the reactions, emotions and relational impulses that pop up in their work and in their lives. Competence certainly requires skill building and knowledge of best practices, but it also requires a commitment to knowing, understanding, and regulating ourselves first.

We must intentionally tend to the person inside the therapist in order to reach our potential.

My style of working with therapists is relational and supportive. I encourage a complex exploration of client cases and invite you to examine any personal issues that are present for you. I want the time to be useful and nourishing for you, so we let your needs guide the direction of each session. I know sometimes you just need an answer about “what to do” – so I’m practical too – helping you get the answers you need so you can get back to work with more confidence and resilience.

I’ve been working with clients since 1998, and have been supporting other therapists in their growth since 2001. I continue to find value in a relational approach to consultation with my mentor of almost a decade, and have been exploring ideas around the intersection of the personal and professional for many years.

Services for Therapists:

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.”
– Tracee Ellis Ross

Therapists are people too! If you are looking for support in your growth, let’s connect.