Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work with other like-minded therapists?

We therapists are often cast in the role of expert, healer, professional. Almost every therapist I know feels at least a little pressure to show up as competent, healthy, and in control.

But the truth is we all have woundedness, vulnerabilities, and challenging life experiences. They might have led us to this work, they tend to get stirred up by our clients, and they certainly impact how we approach the work of being a therapist.

If therapists need to have healthy boundaries with their clients (we do) and it’s not appropriate to overshare at trainings and conferences (it’s not) then where can they sort all of this out? Therapists need somewhere to explore how their histories and private lives impact their work, and vice versa.

Group members will get support — with cases, with countertransference, and with emotional experiences. This group will also be an opportunity for therapists to work relationally, exploring dynamics that occur within the room as a way to gain deeper insight into the self that shows up in relationship with others.

Ideal group members are therapists who are eager to grow from the inside out. They are therapists who believe risking vulnerability with other therapists is worth the rewards – more self-awareness, less burnout, more connection, a larger emotional range, and more capacity to do effective work with their clients.

Irvin Yalom, reflecting on his participation in a decades long peer-group in his book “Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir”:

“When I am upset by an interaction with my wife or children or colleagues. Or stymied in my work. Or troubled by powerful positive or negative feelings towards a patient or acquaintance. Or rattled by a nightmare. I have always looked forward to discussing it at the next meeting. And, of course, any uncomfortable feelings existing between members of the group were always dealt with in depth.”

Group Details:

  • This group meets weekly on Fridays from 10:45am-12:15pm

  • Cost: $60 per session

  • Due to the personal nature of the group I screen for dual relationships.

  • Please contact me for more information about this group. (I currently have 1 opening in this group)

This group is that place – a place where it’s safe to be vulnerable, not knowing, messy. A place to explore the intersection of the personal and professional.