Therapists are people too.

The truth is we all have wounds, vulnerabilities, and challenging life experiences. They might have led us to this work, they tend to get stirred up by our clients, and they certainly impact how we approach the work of being a therapist.

Therapists need somewhere to explore how their histories and private lives impact their work, and vice versa. They need a place to do deep personal work and be in community with others in the field.

This group is that place. It’s a group for therapists to work on their most important tool – themselves.

Ideal group members are therapists who are eager to grow from the inside out. Therapists who believe risking vulnerability with other therapists is worth the rewards – more self-awareness, less burnout, more connection, a larger emotional range, and more capacity to do effective work with their clients. This group places an emphasis on interpersonal process, though members are welcome to bring in professional situations that are challenging them.

Irvin Yalom, reflecting on his participation in a decades long group in his book “Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir”:

“When I am upset by an interaction with my wife or children or colleagues. Or stymied in my work. Or troubled by powerful positive or negative feelings towards a patient or acquaintance. Or rattled by a nightmare. I have always looked forward to discussing it at the next meeting. And, of course, any uncomfortable feelings existing between members of the group were always dealt with in depth.”

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work with other growth-minded therapists?

Group Details:

  • Fridays 10:45am-12:15pm, weekly

  • Cost: $65 per session

  • Due to the personal nature of these groups I screen for unworkable dual relationships.

  • Please contact me for more information.  To learn more about me, click here.